Anytime Now

December 21, 2005 - Pregnancy has been quite an adventure for Erika and I. The latest news is that our baby is now measuring at full term size, even though we're only at week 36 on the pregnancy calendar. At the rate our baby is currently growing, if it made it to 40 weeks, it would weigh about 12 pounds! That's big for any baby (average weight at birth is 6-9 lbs), enormous for a girl (which tend to be on the smaller side of that scale). While it might sound cool to deliver a toddler, apparently there are risks for delivering babys that get much past 10 lbs, namely they get stuck. Given the situation, our ob/gyn has scheduled a cesarian delivery for Jan 11th (about 39 weeks), pending on the results of an ultrasound to determine size on Jan 4th. Erika and I are still holding out hope that things progress naturally before then, as we're really to the point the baby could come any day now.

In the mean time Erika, having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, spends her time equally divided between doctors appointments and trying to consume 3,000 calories each day. Being required to eat so much might sound like a license to eat as much and as often as you want, but since the carbs are stricly limited and Erika's a vegitarian it basically boils down to the Atkins diet, but without all the meat. It's hard to eat 3,000 calories of non-starch vegtables, nuts, and cheese, but somehow Erika manages, certainly better than I ever could. I think we're both ready to move past the pregnancy phase at this point and get started on the new life with our little girl. Hopefully soon :-)


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