Ultrasound #2

August 24, 2005 - Yesterday I took the day off of work to join my wife for our baby's second ultrasound. Theoretically, at 17 1/2 weeks it would have been possible to determine the gender of our baby... but no such luck for us. Apparently the baby's foot was blocking the target region and so it looks like we'll be buying gender neutral baby things until the next ultrasound in about 3 months.

A couple of observations from the exam... It was very cool to see the baby's beating heart and movements. That said, it took lots of imagination at times to recognize what we were seeing. In fact, at times it was rather like looking at a grayscale lava-lamp. You can kinda see this in the pictures below. If you look closely (and use your imagination a bit) you can make out the baby scratching or holding its head. I like to think it's striking a classic thinking pose and pondering whether it wants to be a doctor or lawyer, or perhaps which Ivy League it wants to attend. Anyhow, it was cool to see it alive and developing healthily!


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